The Chevrolet Active Safety System; The First Step Toward Crash Free Roads

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Active safety systems are intelligent systems that can alert a driver about a possible crash. In fact, it can also take control from steering or braking so that an accident can be prevented. The good news is that these systems have started making appearances on the vehicles that are not exorbitantly priced.

The technology is commonly known as driver assistance system. Such safety systems are being included in select models by the automakers by making heavy investments, and Chevrolet is one of them. The aim of doing so is to be competitive in the market and also to adhere to the latest safety regulations. Many automakers also feel that the inclusion of this system will provide them with an edge in the field of autonomous car race.

Driver assist technology constitutes of sensors like software and cameras and the trend will go upward as the automobile sector moves towards development of self-driven cars. In 2016, there will be twenty-two driver assist technologies in GM vehicles. Here’s more about the the Chevrolet Active Safety System.

Night vision

The feature helps a driver with a vision of an area that is not covered by the light of the headlights and acts as alerts for large animals or pedestrians.

Front pedestrian braking

When the system is able to detect that a collision may happen with a pedestrian and the driver is yet to apply the brakes, brakes are automatically applied by this system so that the severity of the collision can be reduced. If the speed of the car is low, the system may help in avoiding the collision altogether.

Rear camera mirror

The camera is quite different from a regular inside rear view mirror. The special rear camera mirror can display a wider view and can be helpful while driving, checking for traffic conditions or changing lanes.

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