The Popular Cruze Gets A Hatch Cousin This Year

February 24th, 2016 by


The popular Chevrolet Cruze is adding a new hatchback version in 2017. While the compact Cruze sedan has already added a new model for 2016, the hatchback model will be available from fall onwards. It will be called the Cruze Hatch, and will have the same architecture as the sedan model.

Facing competition from all the other car manufacturers, who have taken out hatchback versions of their existing sedan, Cruze also had to take this logical step. The Cruze Hatch will have almost the same features as its sedan counterpart, including the 106.3” wheelbase. But, the rear end and the roof will be different. Also, it will have an integrated spoiler, wraparound taillights, and 22.7 Cu. Ft cargo space. And, when the rear seats get folded, the cargo space will expand to double.

As compared to Europe, the United States has never been crazy about hatchbacks. But, now, the Americans have started to embrace the compact SUVs and crossovers, as they find them more practical.

The growth rate of hatchbacks has increased to 9 percent over the last year, so this is the right time for the United States to receive the Cruze Hatch. Cruze tries to set the standard for Chevrolet internationally, by offering the latest technologies in the cars, with superior performance, efficiency, safety, and other features.

The Cruze sedan is the best-selling car of Chevrolet and has sold over 3.5 million cars worldwide over the last eight years. The hatchback version will help the sales to multiply. To check out the new Chevrolet Cruze hatchback, visit Gregg Young Chevrolet.





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