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Council Bluffs, IA Chevy Brake Service 

Brake Services for Council Bluffs, IA Chevy Drivers

Rough roads and four seasons of Michigan weather put a lot of abuse on your brakes. We provide brake services near Council Bluffs, IA that make sure you have good braking power all year long. Our factory-trained mechanics at Gregg Young Chevrolet of Omaha do full brake system inspection and service on all makes and models. We have genuine ACDelco OEM parts and also carry other aftermarket parts for varying price options. Quality parts, highly trained and experienced technicians, and our state-of-the-art service facility make sure we can make the brakes on your car work like new again.


What Our Brake Services Do

We remove all four wheels and fully inspect your brakes and the master cylinder under the hood. We check for wear and tear on the brake pads and rotors. When new brake pads are needed, we replace them. We also do brake rotor resurfacing or replacement as needed. Then we check the master cylinder and calipers to make sure they work well. If not, we replace then with OEM or aftermarket parts of your choice. Once all brake parts are in like-new condition, we finish the job with a complete brake fluid exchange. We bleed the brakes and ensure you have maximum stopping power until at least your next brake service.

Why Your Brakes Need Regular Service

Brakes need regular maintenance to give you strong and reliable stopping power. Brake pads and brake fluid break down rapidly for different reasons. The friction material on brake pads is softer than the surface on the hardened steel rotors. That is so the brake pads lose a tiny amount of friction material every time you use the brakes. That stops your rotors from suffering damage. It also limits most brake services to simply checking and replacing brake pads when they are near their service limits. Brake fluid needs regular bleeding and replacement about every two years to stay in good shape. Brake fluid draws moisture out of the humid Michigan air. That adds up to water in your brake calipers. We bleed the lines to remove it and ensure the best stopping power for your brakes.

Schedule Brake Service at Gregg Young Chevrolet of Omaha

If your brakes are acting up, we can help. Just pick a day and time to come into Gregg Young Chevrolet of Omaha. We will do a full brake system inspection and make them work their best again. While we work on your brakes, you can stay in our customer lounge. It has free satellite TC, Wi-Fi, drinks, and snacks to make your stay comfortable. We also provide the opportunity to drop off your car and use a free shuttle to go to Omaha, NE, Council Bluffs, IA, and other nearby communities.


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