SCA Performance

The Silverado 1500—SCA Performance Was Made for Off-Road Explorers

Since 1979, SCA Performance has been recognized as the premier Special Vehicles Manufacturer of Ford Trucks. On this 40-year journey of pursuing our Passion and perfecting our Craft, we’ve built over 120,000 custom vehicles from our 150,000 square foot, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility headquartered in Trussville, AL.

When you step inside a Silverado 1500 SCA performance truck, you will be equipped with a fully-loaded automobile that offers high-quality product design and development that provides a sleek and sturdy look and feel.

With top industry analysis and studies, the engineers were able to use OEM math data and CAD model rendering to improve the overall performance of the Silverado 1500. With these innovations in mind, drivers will now get to experience a superior way of driving, whether off-road or on any road.

At Gregg Young Chevrolet Omaha, truck drivers can finally stop worrying about not having enough space. Luckily, drivers and passengers have tons of cabin space for best comfort.

Drivers who need to haul a lot of gear and heavy loads will surely benefit from obtaining a new Silverado 1500. The SCA performance model is and will always be the superior choice in mind.

Top 5 Reasons Why the SCA Version Wins:

1. Bigger and better inside and out
2. Cargo space holds copious amounts of space
3. This truck tows larger capacities
4. Innovative and advanced technology (cabin lighting)
5. The truck is lifted for a rugged off-road experience

Not only is this model functional, the off-road performance also surpasses all other competitors. The large tires can withstand any terrain it comes into contact with and is exclusively built for outdoorsy explorers that like to ride with the tide.

Other Beneficial Perks Include:
• Fender Flares
• Custom G2 wheels
• SCA speedometer
• LED lights
• A rock guard system
• The side-steps can be adjusted or removed (easier to get inside)
• The interior cabin is luxurious and offers more room than imagined upon first glance.

This model keeps progressing; year after year. Journey into territories that have not yet been discovered with your new Silverado 1500 SCA performance exclusive ride. The capabilities this truck offers exude a pure sense of security and number one safety.

Whether you choose to use this truck on the city streets or in the wilderness, you can do so in style as the aesthetic qualities offer a powerful look.

The expert designers of the Silverado 1500 were finally able to capture a vehicle that is efficient yet effective in any region. Feel safe knowing that this truck can come to the rescue and tow other vehicles if the scenario ever arises. With multi-purpose functionality, this pick-up truck proves its worth with every single drive.

If you are the type of explorer that rides tough, this truck may save you a lot of wear and tear in the long-run. Go on, sit back and smoothly drive through every terrain that interests you.

Ask the experts at Gregg Young Chevrolet Omaha about the newest SCA performance Silverado 1500 model and soon you will be on your way to experiencing a high-performance and lifted drive that fits everything you need; including your large family and your heavy weighted materials. Call our experts!