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We know you have a great Chevy and want to ensure it stays in its best shape possible, mechanically and cosmetically. That’s why when you bring your Chevy to Gregg Young Chevrolet Omaha for service, our Chevy Certified Service experts conduct a complimentary multi-point vehicle inspection before we begin any repairs or maintenance on your vehicle. This thorough inspection ensures we are able to provide you with complete visibility of any service your Chevy may need, whether it’s scheduled factory-recommended maintenance or normal wear components that may need future service.

Our team has created this guide to help you learn more about what is entailed in a Chevy multi-point vehicle inspection, why it’s important, and why we provide one to every client who visits us for service. If you have questions or would like to schedule an appointment at our Chevy service center, contact our service team by phone at (855) 973-8042.

Chevy Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection: What Do We Look For?

When you bring your Chevy to our service center for repairs or maintenance, our goal is to help protect you and your automotive investment. Part of how we do that is by completing a comprehensive, and complimentary, multi-point vehicle inspection.

Our Chevy Certified Service technicians inspect your vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out. We inspect mechanical, cosmetic, safety, and even tech components to determine if anything needs immediate attention, future attention, or maybe no attention at all in the foreseeable future because it’s in great condition.

Our Chevy multi-point vehicle inspection covers the components below and more.

  • Engine oil and filter
  • Lights
  • Windshield and wipers
  • Battery including connections
  • Fluids and visible leak check
  • Tire inspection including tread, wear pattern, and PSI
  • Brakes including pad thickness, parking brake
  • Safety components such as seatbelts, horn, pedal

Benefits of a Chevy Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection

Your safety and the longevity of your Chevy is important, so our multi-point vehicle inspection provides you with a comprehensive check-up of critical components and systems on your Chevy. This ensures you are aware, and informed, of any particular areas or parts of your Chevy that may need your attention, whether in the moment or in the future. This also allows you to proactively prevent issues before they arise.

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