Chevrolet Brings Children’s Imagination to Life

February 3rd, 2016 by

GY 2 Chevrolet Brings Children’s Imagination to Life

Chevrolet has brought children’s imaginations to life. The automaker challenged children to design their dream car to put their creativity to the test (the crazier the better) and Chevrolet would create 3D models of the winning designs.

Winning designs came from all around the world, including the United States, Korea, Thailand, and China. One winning design in particular was the Chevrolet Supercar from Thailand’s Kwin Onglaor.

Kwin imagined a flying car that could also be transformed into either a boat or submarine. The design was inspired by the many spy movies that Kwin enjoys watching. He hopes to one day become an automotive engineer. According to Director of Communications at GM Thailand and Chevrolet Sales Thailand Jeeranut Sangdee, “The intention of the challenge was to celebrate the creativity of children and their visions of unlimited possibilities that are not restricted by everyday realities.”

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